Product type: Security Product

Vendor: Digital Locks

Tags: digital, DIY, leverset, self latching, smartphone



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Yale Unity Entrance Lock

Designed to suit the New Zealand market, the Unity Entrance Lock achieves patented digital dead locking technology, locking both the internal and external handles of your lock.

Meeting Australian lock standards AS4145.2:2008, SL8 and D8, you can be sure that the Unity Entrance Lock meets your security needs.

Lock alert indications shows users the lock mode via a built in LED. The locks has three modes, Unlock (Green), Locked (Yellow) and Secure/ Deadlocked (Red).

Controllable by either the Yale Access App, key tag or optional Yale Smart Keypad*, the Yale Unity Entrance Lock provides you with a range of options to control your lock. The Yale Access App allows you to lock and unlock your door, grant access to others and keep track of visitor access, all via your smartphone. Grant users one time access, access for a set period of time or a date range, avoiding any lost keys or having your keys stolen or copied.

Using varying technologies including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS as well as the Yale Access App, the auto-unlock feature unlocks your door as you approach.

The door position sensor checks the status of the door and tells you if your door is securely closed and locked. This avoids inadvertently locking your door whilst the door is open.

The Yale Unity Entrance Lock can be upgraded with the Yale Connect Bridge*. The Yale Connect Bridge* allows you to access your lock from wherever you are. Allowing you to lock and unlock, check access history and check your door status remotely. The Yale Connect Bridge allows ‘Works with’ ability, integrating into your Google, Samsung or Alexa smart home hubs.

With the Yale Smart Keypad* you can lock and unlock your door via PIN codes.

*Yale Connect Bridge and Yale Smart Keypadsold separately.


  • Digitally deadlock your door through the secure lockset mode, securely locking from both the inside and outside.
  • Lock status indicated via LED, showing the lock mode: Secure/ Deadlocked (red), Locked (yellow) and Unlocked (green).
  • Total Control via the Yale Access App, allowing you to lock and unlock your door, grant access to others and keep track of visitor access.
  • Auto unlock your door as you walk up without the need to take out your phone. The door position sensor tells you if your door is open or closed.
  • Using either the Yale Access App, Yale Key Tags or upgrade with the Yale Smart Keypad to access your lock.
  • Key Free. No cylinder means no lost keys and no pick and bump break-ins.
  • Yale Connect Bridge - Unlock and lock your door from wherever you are. Allows you to integrate the Yale Unity Entrance Lock with Google and Amazon home automation systems, refer SKU YAL-AC02-ANZ
  • Yale Smart Keypad - Lock andunlock your door using your Yale Smart Keypad, refer SKU05/301000/BL
  • Type C USB port at the bottom of the front of the lock body can be used to power the lock in the event of low battery

*The Yale Connect Bridge is required for integrations into smart home hub.
iOS (11.0 or higher) or Android (8.0 or higher with Bluetooth 4.0) smartphones


  • Australian standards -AS4145.2.2018, SL8 Security and D8 Durability
  • Compliance RCM - Australian Electrical Regulatory Compliant
  • IP Rating IP54
  • Operating temperature range -25c to 70c
  • Humidity range 0-90%
  • Powered by 4 x AA Alkaline batteries
  • Battery Life on lock approximately 12 months
  • RFID MiFare (2 x Contactless Key Cards)
  • Suits entry doors. Not for use on doors where the internal escutcheon is exposed to outside elements such as outdoor gates
  • Backset 60-70mm backset (70mm latch sold separately refer SKU L530-222SC)
  • Lock type 530 latch
  • Door thickness 35-60mm
  • Volume settings at mute, low or high
  • Low battery warning at 20%
  • Phone requirement iOS (11.0 or higher) or Android (8.0 or higher with Bluetooth 4.0) smartphones