Sera4 AP3 Armored Padlock with 50mm Shackle. Hardware and Enablement. Retail Pack.




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Product type: Padlocks

Vendor: Digital Locks

Tags: Access Control, commercial, DIY, external, industrial, IP Rated, keyless, Padlock, smartphone



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The Armored Padlock from Sera4™ is a smart padlock designed to withstand abuse and resist attempts at theft and vandalism. It provides years of trouble-free service in harsh environments and comes ready for stand-alone use with the Teleporte™ enterprise access control network.

App based Bluetooth  padlock In app purchases may apply depending on individual requirements.

Maintenance Free

  • Easy to install tether mount point
  • 5-year battery life with fail-secure option to power by USB

Hardened Design
  • 10mm boron and stainless-steel shackle
  • Engineered for harsh environments and weather conditions

Real-Time Audit & Control
  • Real-time access control with bank-grade digital security
  • Integrated sensors to meet audit requirements
  • Fast Authenticate & Unlock Technology