Scar Plates E Lok 7 8 and 9 Series




Collections: Accessories, Hardware

Product type: Security Product

Vendor: Digital Locks

Tags: associated hardware, Scar Plate



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Range of Cover plates to suit E-LOK 7 8 and 9 Series. 

Cover a range of hole sizes with the following options available:

 Sold in Pairs

40mm -40x330mm Cover Plate -Covers holes from the Large Icon Levers

52mm -52x295mm Cover Plate

62mm -62x305mm Cover Plate

78mm -78x305mm Cover Plate

E-LOK 8-Series Cover Plate -82 x 310mm - Pair

E-LOK 9-Series 54mm Cover Plate -Pair

E-LOK 9-Series 64mm Cover Plate -Pair