HÄFELE DL4000 Electronic Touch Screen Deadbolt




Collections: Digital Locks

Product type: Security Product

Vendor: Digital Locks

Tags: deadbolt, digital, key overide, keyless, Touchscreen



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Welcome to the latest range of Digital Door Locks from Häfele New Zealand. Are you after more technology on your entry door? Look no further, 

The DL4000 offers an electronic PIN code option including a mechanical key override. For those existing residential properties with the mechanical dead bolt, the DL4000 will easily retrofit. You have up to 25 PIN codes which can be programmed to this electronic deadbolt. The lock backset is adjustable to 60mm or 70mm.


> Features: Digital touchpad with thumbturn locking on the inside Touch to activate and touch to lock Holds up to 25 user codes Holds up to 4 single-entry codes Vacation mode (deactivates all user codes temporarily) Auto-locking with adjustable delay (10-99 seconds) Mechanical key override (C4 key and PD barrel) 4-digit random guiding code (prevents code probing) Touchscreen is temporarily disabled after 4 consecutive incorrect entries > Power supply: 4 AA batteries 1.5V > Door thickness (mm): 35-51 > Backset (mm): Adjustable 60 or 70 > Dimensions (mm): Front module: 66(W) x 139(H) x 28(D) Back module: 68(W) x 131(H) x 44(D)


Supplied with:

> 1 Front and back module

> 1 Deadbolt

> 1 Strike and strike box

> 2 Mechanical keys

> 1 User manual

> 1 Installation template

> 1 Set of fixing screws