E-LOK 715 Bluetooth Snib Lever Smart Lock





Product type: Security Product

Vendor: Digital Locks

Tags: affordable, Bluetooth, combination, digital, external, IP Rated, key overide, keycard, keyless, leverset, mortice, self latching, smartphone



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E-LOK 715 is purpose built to retrofit over double turn kits and works with a pull handle.


Cover plates are avaiable to order to match with the 715. Depending on the hole size left in the door when retrofitting the 715, you can choose from the following:


40mm -40x330mm Cover Plate -Covers holes from the Large Icon Levers

52mm -52x295mm Cover Plate

62mm -62x305mm Cover Plate


BLK and SS Cover plates available to order.


Every 7-Series comes with 3 RFID cards.


E-LOK 715 is the non-fingerprint Snib Lever variant of the 7-Series range.


The E-LOK 715 unlocks from the following methods:

  • Pincode
  • RFID card
  • App unlock
  • Mechanical key


Download the E-LOK phone app from Google Playstore or Apple App Store. This is required for the intial set-up, set up passcodes and unlock E-LOK via Bluetooth.