Carbine CDL - SL8SS Electronic Digital Door Lock




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Product type: Security Product

Vendor: Digital Locks

Tags: affordable, combination, deadbolt, digital, DIY, external, internal, keyless



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Carbine CDL - SL8SS Electronic Digital Door Lock


 - Convenient: Keyless entry keypad unlocking.

 - Secure: Key override with LKW5 (C4) keyway.

 - Simple: DIY installation with in-situ changing of lever handing.

 - Code entry from outside

 - Activate passage mode via internal turn button

 - Can hold 100 user codes of 4 to 8 digits

 - Supports a single, 6-digit master code

 - Uses 4 x AA standard 1.5V alkaline batteries

 - Battery life is aprroximately 50,000 cycles

 - Low-battery warning light and tone

 - 60-70mm adjustable latch

 - Suits 32mm-51mm door thickness

 - Finish - Satin Stainless


Tested for 400,000 cycles, also moisture and salt spray tested

An easy-install customisable digital lock with a key override. The electronic digital door lock’s keyless entry keypad offers convenience while the LKW5 (C4) keyway key override improves security. Designed for simple DIY installation and operation that means the lever “handing” can be rapidly changed in-situ.