Carbine CDL7100SC




Collections: Mechanical Locks

Product type: Security Product

Vendor: Digital Locks

Tags: affordable, combination, DIY, external, internal, keyless, mechanical, self latching



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The Carbine CDL7100SC


 - Should only be used in light to medium traffic areas. Not for use in high-volume commercial areas.

 - Ideal for storerooms and similar areas that don’t have high-volume traffic

 - Two-hour fire rating for CDL7100SC model with use of a supplied latchset

 - Backset is 60mm standard, 70mm and 127mm backsets available as an option

 - Supplied with a reversible internal lever handle that allows fitting to left- or right-handed opening doors

 - Easy to change user codes via removal of the back cover

 - Easy-grip outer knob that is larger than many other similar digital products

 - Larger body footprint allows retrofit to cover lockset holes

 - Suits new and retrofit applications with everything provided in the package

 - Includes all components and instructions for fitting and changing combinations

 - Cycle-tested and exceeds 25,000 openings

 - CDL7100SC suits door thicknesses 32mm to 54mm

 - Display blocks and display-packaged models available

 - Available in satin chrome finish


The Carbine CDL7 digital further improves the quality and security of mechanical digital locking. The Carbine design team has taken all the best features of the NK2000 series and innovated even further.

The CDL7 series features a new easy-to-use code change system on the rear of the pad. Simply flick switches instead of changing discs. This has also allowed an improved internal locking mechanism to prevent costly breakdowns. The addition of ball bearing-style push buttons also increases the resistance to code manipulation.

The CDL7 series is available in various models to suit lockset, deadlatch, mortice lock and dual pad applications.