ABUS Touch™ 57/50




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Abus Padlock Touch Biometric Fingerprint Weather Resistant Silver Display Pack - 57/50

Product Code: 5750C


All new Fingerprint padlock ABUS Touch™ 57.

Touch it, lock opens! A fingerprint is all it takes to open your ABUS Touch™ 57 padlock. Quick, convenient and safe.

From now on, your fingerprint is all you need to unlock your ABUS padlock. And that’s from any angle and any position! ABUS Touch™ 57: the fingerprint lock for indoors and outdoors - now even more secure, even easier to operate and for up to 20 people.

Whether in heavy rain or on a dust-dry construction site, two protection classes ensure that the ABUS Touch™ 57 is even more durable and secure: IP 66 and IP 68. Thus, the padlock is dust-tight and its internal components are safely protected from dirt and moisture.


abus padlock dimensions

a Body width 50 mm
b Horizontal Shackle Clearance 24 mm
c Vertical Shackle Clearance 36 mm
d Shackle diameter 8 mm
  • Two admins and a total of up to 20 fingerprints can be stored.
  • Efficient energy concept for up to 10,000 opening with easy battery change.
  • CR2 battery included.
  • Encrypted memory.
  • Coated Nano Protect™ shackle * Coated body.
  • Automatic opening by spring-loaded shackle.
  • Double ball locking for higher security.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use (IP66 & IP68).